We offer you

breakfast        playroom/dayroom        petting zoo        wellness area


fresh Breakfast

On request we offer you also breakfast in our day room. There is a big demand on other services for breakfast with all necessaries for your breakfast in form of an breakfast basket.



This basket will be delivered in the morning to your apartment door. So you are able to enjoy your breakfast with your own family and your friends. 


There is also the possibility to get every day fresh bred, rolls, regional milk or eggs from our own hen coop.


playing and having fun

If you have in your staying time bad weather in the Ferienstadl you will find enough around you to have for sure a nice day.

We have a big playroom which is proximatly 100m². This one include a tabletennis, a trampolin,hammock  and a big swingset



Further to our play room you can spend your evenings in common relaxed in  our day room.

This room is perfect for big groups and families.


The day room also breakfast room is a big roomy developt room including a kitchen, stand-up bar, many possibilities for a seats, sofa lounge with TV. So you can watch current events all together.


The day room can also be availible as your breakfast room.



human,animals and natur

One hilight here is definitly our pettingzoo! 


There you can find our rabbits, cats, chicken, sheep, goat and dunkeys. What is special about this, it is because can observe the animals at day and night.

Trough a glaswindow in the floor offer this unique room excitment and joy at observing the animals.



Also when you never had a chance to see how sheep, dunkeys and goats sleep, you have here the opportunity to see this up close in the apartments (Eierschwammerl and Steinpilz).  Sometimes you also have the chance in springtime to see the birth of the little lambs.


It is a pleasure for us that we can show you the connection between human, animals and nature. Based on this concept we created also the idea of the pettingzoo with integrated glas floor.



In consultation with us it is possible to visit the animals in the stable to feed and pet them. There is also the possibility the have a ride on the dunkeys (Blümchen and Holly)

wellness area

enjoy and recover in the wellness-area!


This area is for relaxing in your holiday flats include sauna, infrared cabin and is accessible truth a terrace you come into the open air. On request you can heat also the the hot pot outside the garden.


For our house guests is every entrance in the wellness area free. You can enjoy everyday Sauna without extra charge. So you can enjoy your days in full.